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Global Journal of History & Culture
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Published By : Global Vision Publishing House
Frequency : Bi-annual


The Interpretive Turn in Anthropology for History Writing

Anjashi Sarkar

Page GJIHC vol. 1 no. 1 pages 111-115

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Fear as Dynamic Causative Factor in History

Suresh Jnaneswaran

Page GJIHC vol. 1 no. 1 pages 101-110

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From ‘Ethnographic Subjects’ to Self-Respect Movement: The Scheduled Castes of Colonial Bengal in Historiographical Perspective

Rup Kumar Barman

Page GJIHC vol. 1 no. 1 pages 83-100

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Socio-cultural Impacts of the Large-scale Migration of Foreign Workers: The Case of a Mining Community in New Caledonia

Nestor T. Castro

Page GJIHC vol. 1 no. pages 71-82

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Ambedkar’s Search for Social Justice: Conversion as a Tool

Debi Chatterjee

Page GJIHC vol. 1 no. pages 59-70

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Railways and Colonialism: The Kachugaon Forest Tramway in Assam

Sarah Hilaly

Page GJIHC vol. 1 no. pages 45-58

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A Committee for the Investigation of the Coal and Mineral Resources of India: A New Colonial Economic Venture

Sujaya Sarkar

Page GJIHC vol. 1 no. pages 31-44

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Sufism and Sufi Life during the Shahjahani Era

Gulfishan Khan

Page GJIHC vol. 1 no. pages 23-30

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Aspects of Buddhism in Early Chittagong

Bijoy Kumar Sarkar

Page GJIHC vol. 1 no. pages 13-22

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Temple of Orissa

Bishnu Prasad Panda

Page GJIHC pages 1-11

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