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Global Journal of Business Management
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Published By : Global Vision Publishing House
Frequency : Bi-annual
Reg No. : DELENG15963/29/1/2007-TC

ISSN : 0973-8533


The Emerging Roles of HR Professionals: Green Human Resources Management (Green HRM) Perspective

Sabnam Jahan and Md. Mamin Ullah

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No 2 pp. 1-24

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Supervisory Empowerment Behaviors, Psychological Empowerment and Work Outcomes among Front-line Service Employees in Five-star Turkish Hotel: A Replication

Ronald J. Burke, Mustafa Koyuncu, Jacob Wolpin, Sevket Yirik and Kadife Koyuncu

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No 2 pp. 25-40

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A Study on Green Human Resource Management Practices in Selected Manufacturing Industrial Units of Udaipur Region

Meera Mathur and Aparna Soni

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No 2 pp. 41-54

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Impact of Service Quality on Consumer Perception with Reference to Multi E-Retailers

Garima Malik and Manpreet Kaur Oberoi

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No 2 pp. 55-70

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Employee Creativity: The Role of Harmonious Passion in a Supportive Context (Supervisory and Co-worker Support)

Prof. (Dr.) Tumpa Dey

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No 2 pp. 71-90

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Management of Aggression and Victimization Among Formative Year’s School Children

Rajesh Ganesan and Moon Banerjee

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No 2 pp. 91-98

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Transition to Digitised Consumer Behaviour

Sumi. KV

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No 2 pp. 99-104

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Trends in the Growth of Schools by Management in Andhra Pradesh

Dr. D. Pulla Rao

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No 2 pp. 105-120

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HRD Execution of Governance; Concerning Disaster Management

Dr. Budhi Sagar Mishra

Page Page GJBM Vol. 10 No. 2 pp. 121-129

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Payments Banks – Can India Achieve Digital Financial Inclusion

Abhishek Pareek and Prashant Raman

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No. 1 pp. 69-78

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Promotive Psychological Ownership: Exploring its Relationship with Organizational Innovation

Nitu Singhi and A.P. Singh

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No. 1 pp. 61-68

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Workers’ Participation in Management: in Indian Perspective

Brajesh Kumar Parashar and Dr. Rakesh Kumar Tiwari

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No. 1 pp. 51-60

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Strategic Execution of Governance and ‘Right to Food’ in - India

Dr Budhi Sagar Mishra

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No. 1 pp. 39-50

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Role of Leadership in Performance Excellence

Sahadat Hossain and Fariha Saleh

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No. 1 pp. 23-38

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Streamlining Governance in Public Sector Enterprises of North East Region of India

Dr. Febi Varghese, Prof. Dr. R.K.Mishra and Dr. Vinanchiarachi Jebamalai

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No. 1 pp. 13-22

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Impact of Advertising on Working and Non Working Women with Refrence to their Purchasing Behaviour

Dr. Sanjeev Bansal and Dr. Garima Malik

Page GJBM Vol. 10 No. 1 pp. 1-11

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