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Global Journal of Business Management
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Published By : Global Vision Publishing House
Frequency : Bi-annual
Reg No. : DELENG15963/29/1/2007-TC

ISSN : 0973-8533


An Overview on Employees Performance Appraisal and Industrial Administration

Dr. Budhi Sagar Mishra

Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 2 pp. 1-19

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Impact of Implied Volatility of Indian Stock Markets on Commodity and Foreign Exchange Markets in India: An Empirical Investigation

Girish. B.N and Dr. Nagaraj. H

Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 2 pp. 21-34

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Impact of GST on Indian Telecommunication Sector

Sumi. K.V

Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 2 pp. 35-40

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A Study on Factors Affecting Buying Behaviour of Owners for Residential Flats in Tamil Nadu State

Mr. K. T. Manivannan and Dr. T. Joseph

Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 2 pp. 41-46

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Rural Customers’ Awareness towards Upgraded Services of Commercial Banks in Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu, India

Mr. M. Rajeev Gandhi Mr. S. Kulothunga Pandian

Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 2 pp. 47-55

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Impact of Comsumer Demographic and Product Characteristic on Purchase Behavior Towards FMCG Sector: A Syudy in Punjab

Anirudh Pandit

Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 2 pp. 57-65

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A Study on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Indian Context

Vijay Kumar

Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 2 pp. 67-76

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A Study on Job Satisfaction Level of Employees in RBI at Kanpur

Dr. Akhilesh Dixit

Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 2 pp. 77-88

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Performance Evaluation of Bancassurance – An Empirical Study on Bankers’ Perspective

N. Santosh Ranganath and Dr. G. Tulasi Rao

Page Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 1 pp. 1-10

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Looking Beyond Income Poverty through Microfinance (Case Study of PAHAL an NGO in Uttarakhand)

Aanchal Singhal & Dr. Bindu Arora

Page Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 1 pp. 11-16

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A Cultural perspective on Wisdom and Leadership - A Literature Review

Prof. (Dr.) Tumpa Dey

Page Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 1 pp. 17-28

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Greening of Textile Industries through Public and Private Governance: An Explorative Research on the Garment Industry in Bangladesh

Sadia Naureen Huq and Iftekhar Ul Karim,

Page Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 1 pp. 29-58

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Digitized Economy — with Special Reference to Kerala

Sumi. K.V.

Page Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 1 pp. 59-64

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Stakeholder’s Reaction: A Survey on Impact of CSR on Firm Performance in Gujarat

Dr. Nilam Panchal

Page Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 1 pp. 65-72

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Impact of BRICS as a Emerging Trading Bloc on India’s Trade

Dr. Khujan Singh and Anil Kumar

Page Page GJBM Vol. 11 No 1 pp. 73-86

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