Biotechnology Lab Practices

Biotechnology Lab Practices
Author : Debajit Borah
ISBN: 978-81-8220-945-9
Edition: 2nd
Year: 2018
Pages: 278
Size: 14×21 Cm
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
INR 970.00
INR 970.00


About the Book

This manual contains more than 100 (hundred) exercises covering almost all the branches of Biotechnology, i.e. Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Enzymology, Molecular Biology, Plant and Animal Tissue Culture techniques, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Quality Control Techniques. This book provides the easiest possible protocols to help students and researchers to carry on their works using least available facilities in their labs. This edition would be useful for the teachers, students of B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Tech. Biotechnology/ Life Sciences as well as for the researchers working in allied fields.

About the Author

Debajit Borah, M.Sc. in Biotechnology (2010) (H.N.B.G.U.) and pursuing Ph.D. in Biotechnology (Dibrugarh University), is working as an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Studies in Biotechnology, Dibrugarh University (Assam). Till now his research publication includes 10 full length research papers in various international journals of repute and reviewed research papers for African Academic Journals. His areas of interest are Environmental Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Nano Technology. 

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