Methodology of Political Research

Methodology of Political Research
Author : H.P. Chattopadhyaya & Dipali Saha
ISBN: 978-81-8220-909-1
Edition: 1st
Year: 2017
Pages: 144
Size: 14×19 Cm
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
INR 770.00
INR 770.00


About the Book

This edition entitled Methodology of Political Research re-examines theoretical and empirical development of research methodology in political science. In this edition we have tried to convey the limited overview on experimentation and implication of applied research methodology in political science. Most critically experimentation is generated or contributed to the central importance concern in this discipline. Of course, research in political science could be done better and in it scholarly attempt has been made to suggest some principles that might facilitate this goal. We can look forward with anticipation as to ‘what the next generation of experimentation in political science will bring’. I hope that this work will stimulate researchers, and professionals to execute researches in the area of political methodology.

About the Author

H.P. Chattopadhyaya is a well-known scholar and teacher of political science who taught at several Colleges under Calcutta University, Kolkata. A keen researcher, Chattopadhyaya has many research papers and books to his credit. Now he lives a retired life and has devotes his time in reading and writing.

Dipali Saha, a dynamic scholar of sociology, was born in Maldah district and educated in North Bengal University (West Bengal). She was associated with several projects of ICSSR Kolkata and also worked as a lecturer in Ashutosh College in Kolkata. Presently she is devoted in social work and associated with NGO in Siliguri of North Bengal. She has written a number of important articles in News paper and journals of national and international repute. Her first published book is Civil Society and Modern Politics.

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