Hospitality Management and Marketing

Hospitality Management and Marketing
Author : Dr Annamalai Murugan
ISBN: 978-81-8220-756-1
Edition: 1st
Year: 2017
Pages: 288
Size: 14×19 Cm
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
INR 1,350.00
INR 1,350.00


About the Book

The present book “Hospitality Management and Marketing” is unique because it deals with the tangible product, like a bed in the hotel or food in the restaurant, but it also deals with the intangible aspects of the hospitality marketing. This book is designed in two parts in six chapters. In the first part, we shall address three important sectors associated with hospitality management however the second part deals another three important aspects of hospitality marketing. Whenever feasible, we will use examples to illustrate the key points of hospitality management and marketing.

About the Author

Dr Annamalai Murugan, Assistant Professor, Department of Tourism, Tagore Arts College, Puducherry. He has participated in Faculty Development Programme (FDP) at Indian Institute of Management(IIM), Indore. He has contributed books and research papers in various seminars,conferences.

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