Author : Banabhatta
ISBN: 978-81-8220-894-0
Edition: Reprint
Year: 2017
Pages: 144
Size: 14×22 Cm
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
INR 390.00
INR 390.00


Translation by C. M. Ridding

Edited by S.N. Tiwari

About the Book

The Kadambari is one of the best romantic fictions of 7th Century by Banabhatta. An imaginative romantic story of love, technically in the ‘katha’ form, the novel transcends the bounds of mortal existence and moves through three lives till the deep and passionate love finally attains its desired fulfilment. In this marvellous texture the world of human beings, animals and birds all merge together, as do human, semidivine and divine characters; and the earth and the heavens combine in the universal bond of love that defies death and continue in the next birth, thus holding the entire creation together. It is these unique qualities of the heart and of faith that distinguishes this classic of Bana from the usual love romances in other languages and bestow on it an universality that no age can dim it.

About the Author

Banabhatta was a powerful fiction writer in the court of Shri Harshavardhana, King of Kanauj (604-647A.D.). He grew up in an intellectually and materially rich domestic atmosphere, imbibing the knowledge of all Shastras, arts and lores. Unfortunately he lost his mother Rajadevi when he was a child and his father Chitrabhanu who nurtured him carefully also passed away when Bana was fourteen years old. His contribution to Sanskrit literature is unique. The father of an ornate florid style, Bana created a new genre of prose romances by writing a historical tale, the biography of his patron king, under the title Harshacharita and this romantic imaginative novel, Kadambari. 

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