Eight Pillars of Prosperity

Eight Pillars of Prosperity
Author : James Allen
ISBN: 978-81-8220-823-0
Edition: 1st
Year: 2017
Pages: 132
Size: 7×4
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
INR 295.00
INR 295.00


About the Books

In his book “Eight Pillars of Prosperity”, first published in 1911, he explains his belief that prosperity rests upon a moral foundation, one grounded by the pillars of Energy, Economy, Integrity, System, Sympathy, Sincerity, Impartiality, and Self-Reliance. In illuminating these principles, Allen hoped to contribute to the prosperity of the mass of mankind. "A business built up on the faultless practice of all these principles," Allen writes, "would be so firm and enduring as to be invincible. Nothing could injure it; nothing could undermine its prosperity, nothing could interrupt its success." This is a "Book of Virtues" for adults, distilling the wisdom of the ages in one compact volume. If worldly success continues to elude you, then this may be the book for you.

About the Author

British author and pop philosopher James Allen (1864-1912) retired from the business world to pursue a life of writing and contemplation. Best known for As a Man Thinketh, he authored many other books about the power of thought including The Way of Peace, The Mastery of Destiny, and Entering the Kingdom. 

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