Science and Human Values

Science and Human Values
Author : Ariyapala Perera
ISBN: 81-8220-101-2
Edition: 1st
Year: 2005
Size: 7×4
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
INR 560.00
INR 560.00


About the Book

The present work is, indeed, a serious effort to critically examine the relation between science and human values in philosophical and historical perspective. It is common acceptance that science and human values can not move together because science deals with facts, not with values, and its corollary that human value lies outside the realm of science. This objection to the mixing of science and values gradually disappears. Probably the most influential factor currently sustaining the science-values dichotomy is the prevailing acceptance of the contention of professional philosophy that it is logically impossible to determine what ‘ought to be’ from what ‘is’, or to derive ethical priorities from objective facts.

About the Author

Ariyapala Perera is an eminent scholar of philosophy of science. He has done M.A. (Philosophy) and Ph. D. from the University of Bombay. Dr. Perera has contributed number of articles on science and spirituality in journals and news-papers of national repute. Being a renowned human right activist, he has participated in several national and international seminars.

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